Testimonial – Randy P. Vezina

“Nawaz and his team were provided with my partially constructed website and blog. Nawaz quickly discovered some deficiencies and completed some crucial web re-design and development work. Thank-you Nawaz (and your team).” Mr. Randy P. Vezina
LakhoSoft created and corrected his damaged identity theft protection web site and identity theft protection blog. We were marketing his websites and also working on long term search engine optimization of both websites. He gave above comments after the completion of initial work on his web sites.
After few days he commented again “Nawaz does what he says he is going to do and he does it quickly. He provides full and complete answers to all of my questions and he allows me to trust him.”

  • Mr. Randy P. Vezina is the owner of Integrity Front, and is based in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.